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Hello Tomorrow: Welcome to my Blog 2.0!

Greetings, and welcome to my personal lifestyle and travel blog! I’ve aspired to create and write my own blog for several years now, but it’s hard when life responsibilities (a.k.a. adulting struggles) rob you of precious time. I’ve never personally blogged before, and aside from work and school-related projects, my only previous writing experiences include… Continue reading Hello Tomorrow: Welcome to my Blog 2.0!

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DR Diaries, Part I: Soñando de Santo Domingo

Blogging consistently is damn tough. Sure, getting a nasty allergic reaction to your 30 mosquito bites amassed over the course of an otherwise blissful week in tropical paradise—and in the meantime struggling to do some major damage control to the work inbox overflow—certainly doesn’t help things. But still, I feel incredibly embarrassed at how long… Continue reading DR Diaries, Part I: Soñando de Santo Domingo

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Tales From Toronto

Alright, so here goes—my first official travel blog post, ta-daaa! Please bear with me, as I tend to ramble and am still sorting through all the rough edges of this whole “let-me-try-to-make-myself-sound-way-more-interesting-than-I-really-am” kinda thing. One awesome perk of my job right now is that we get 15 predetermined Fridays off a year in addition to… Continue reading Tales From Toronto